Wilena book cover

I do not know if there are enough words to express my pride and honor in being able to write about this book.  Not only is this a cause that I can give a 100% support to, it has filled me with happiness and pride for my friend,  Wilena Tuschhoff. She is a very talented artist who operates her own farm and the local farmers market but she also spends part of  her summers teaching art classes to children in our small town.  (my two daughters look forward to her classes every summer)  This year she was given a new project to showcase her talent. She illustrated  a new children’s book called “Special, ‘Specially Me.”

Jamie reads book

Amistad author Jaime Simpson reading to Mrs. Martin’s Kindergarten class at Garfield Elementary in Augusta. No, the book isn’t scary. No, Jaime isn’t yelling at the kids. One of those exciting moments in the book (and her crazy expression shows it)!

Jaime Simpson, the author of this wonderful book, wrote it after being inspired by her adopted daughter Jaiden. Jaime is raising her two daughters, only eight months apart in age, to become strong and determined young ladies.  It was discovered after noticing some developmental delays that Jaiden had suffered a stroke while in utero, but Jaime never let that prevent Jaiden from having a normal life.  Yes a normal life for Jaiden will require some extra assistance and support, such as a walker and help while attending a normal classroom setting in school, but Jaiden has learned that not only is she special, she has a special message to spread to the world through her strength and determination.

Her goal is to not only share Jaiden’s journey, but to inspire other children to accept each person with special needs and personal struggles. She wishes to inspire and provide the message that all goals can be reached with the support, love and determination that is within each heart if we all work together as a team.

wilena book illustrations

I encourage all of you to buy this book for your children, grandchildren or even buy a copy and donate it to your local school, children’s hospital or church.  This is a message of overcoming the odds and loving every child and person no matter what they struggle with.  I am a huge advocate of kids, but especially those children who are going through issues that would hold an ordinary person back. There is no greater joy for me than to see a child be supported and loved and to succeed no matter what challenges they have.  Every person has a message to spread to the world.  Every person is “special”,  please help Jaime and Wilena spread this important message.

You can purchase this book at the link below.


Proceeds go to Project Jai Play, who raise money to provide soft surfaces to each play ground in our town. Please check out their link I have provided.  You will be inspired by the dedication to our children.