562420_341643969240041_766183248_n  Hard to believe we have survived another year, even harder to believe that it went smooth. Faith my youngest is our little Nancy Grace.  She has no filter usually between brain and mouth and she doesn’t mind debating her cause till she wears you down. My baby girl, will be in fifth grade next year, amazing. Sarah my middle child, who is just so easy-going and loves reading, will be saying goodbye to middle school today.  Oh my we are back to the high school next year. Where does the time go?  I am one of those rare mothers,  I am so excited to have my kids home for the summer. We have the girls ready for art class and the library summer program and they will have three days for church camp.  Doesn’t appear the schedule will slow down much does it?


I am looking forward to the summer for other reasons as well.  I will be doing my first blog tour this summer, so many great books will be released in the months of  June, July and August.  One that I am very excited about is Indivisible Line.  I have read the ARC and I know you readers are going to love it.  It is so different from her first book Hunted.  Keep an eye out for this one.  I am sure I will be reminding you often. .

Another piece of information that I am happy to share is about a sale at Amazon.  I so enjoyed doing my review for In The Stillness by Andrea Randall, now her other two books are either free or on sale today.  I really am glad I can spread this news because I love her writing style and how she tackles the hard issues.  I have already made a trip to Amazon this morning so look for reviews from these two books soon here on the blog.970679_244163022392290_1024640042_n

I am currently reading Save My Soul by K.S. Haigwood.  I met this author in the group I joined this week. It has been  exciting to  meet so many reviewers and authors.  Save My Soul is an interesting read and I hope to have a review of this book on here this weekend.  Please keep an eye out for it, you won’t want to miss the chance to read this book.375085_10151460974602982_1720077438_n

Now as I send my girls off to their last day of school, I shall wish you all a great day as well.  Keep reading and reviewing.