Reviewing Books imageI bet you didn’t know that you are a huge factor in an authors success or failure. Did you know the role you play involves the reviews or lack of reviews that they get from the average reader?  I didn’t know that either till just recently.   I found myself believing that if I bought the book, that was enough. I didn’t need to let the author or the world know if I liked it.  Since then I have realized that readers do a great service to the authors by simply leaving a review on Amazon, Goodreads or B&N. Even using social media such as Twitter and Facebook, can lead hundreds of people in the direction of some pretty awesome books.

I have told many of my friends that they should really get in the habit of writing a short review for the book they finished before moving on to a new one. Write it while it is fresh and the emotions are still flowing.  Usually the response I get is “I am not a writer, I am a reader.”  or “I don’t think I could do that, people will see it.”  Well yes that is the point!  Trust me, average readers don’t run to blogs very often to see what is worth reading, they go to the reviews provided at online book stores.  They want to hear what a normal “real” person thought, not bloggers. More importantly, trust yourself.  I bet you could write a great review just by telling others what you felt while reading the book.


So I hope you will start doing what you can to promote our authors.  Many are independent and they not only try to write books we want to read, they are out there promoting themselves and spending many hours and their own money trying to get the word out about their books.  If every reader would take the time to leave a review, tweet about the book or share it on your Facebook page, can you even imagine how many hours we would save the author from promoting?  They could use that time to produce another book for us to read. In my world I call that a WIN-WIN.

Reviewing books is like the circle of life, we give to the author, they give back to us.  Don’t think those who spend hours writing a wonderful story for us are in it for the money, they are in it for the passion of the story, for the love of the reader and each book gives birth to a part of their soul.  All they need from us is to continue to read their work, tweet, review, share and repeat. You can do it, trust me it can be fun especially when you see that author reach out to let you know how much it meant to them.

Cat reading book review