This is my life since school has been out.  Life seems to of gained about a ton and left me dangling my legs in the air as I try to balance the seesaw.  I have never been known to have great timing.  Who starts a new “journey” in the midst of an already chaotic time in life?  I do.  I was given a blessing from God after a rough few months of having to let go and find a new direction in life.  God open the door and I ran for it, not thinking that I was going to have to rearrange my home life to complete this journey.  I am thankful though, thankful for the chances I have been given, for the new possibilities in life, the family that I have.  Yes I am even thankful for the stress that comes with this family.

I woke up Monday with a to do list a mile long.  I had it all mapped out, every minute was planned out and then my son pulls in the driveway with a chain saw unexpectedly.  He was going to clean up the tree in the back yard that had been hit by lightning the night before.  Although I was very thankful for his help, this threw me off my schedule  I spend most of the day out there helping him and my nephews get the job done and I begin to panic.  I am not going to be on schedule now.  Reality slapped me when I came in the house to check on my sick husband and noticed the television screen was completely filled by a dark monster destroying Moore Oklahoma.

All I could do at that point was sit and cry and pray.  I remember telling my husband, that we were watching lives being destroyed and here I am upset because my schedule was changed.  I learn something that afternoon, I am needing to get better at giving it ALL to God and let him direct my every minute in life. We don’t know when our life will take a turn and I for one would hate to find out my last few minutes of life was focused on  complaining that I was to busy or frustrated and not on the blessings I have.  Speaking of prayer, I found this on Facebook yesterday and I loved it.  Such an inspiration to know the people who are teaching our children did such heroic things to save their kids and they prayed.


A part of my heart will always be in Oklahoma.  My best summers were at my Granny’s house in Chickasha.  I tell my kids all of the time, you have never lived till you get to play in the red dirt of Oklahoma. What happen Monday breaks my heart.  That has been one of the events that has turned my life up side down now as I am trying to help organize deliveries of goods and money to the people in Moore.  I don’t regret the time I have spent doing this, it is an honor to pay it forward.  I would like to share what two wonderful authors are doing to help out and bring aid and comfort to my neighbors in Oklahoma.

I have been following author Sarah Dosher on Facebook for a while.  She is already on my list of favorite authors because of books such as Haven From the Storm, but now she has soared up my list of inspirational people in the world.  Go to her page at  to see what all she is doing in regards to helping others with her books.


a note from Sarah

I’ve been sitting here all evening watching the coverage of the devastating tornado in my home state of Oklahoma. We have been hit hard. If you’ve read Haven from the Storm you know it is based around the devastating aftermath of a tornado and how it affects each character in the novel. As a business owner and a fireman, my husband, has volunteered his work machinery to help clear debris and search for victims, he is currently awaiting a phone call to head that way and assist. I want so badly to help in anyway that I possibly can. I don’t have any special skills, the only thing I have is YOU and my writing.

So I will be donating 100% of the profits from Haven from the Storm for the entire month of May.

I will split the donation equally between The American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, and The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. I will make this donation on June 1st.

Please help me spread the word.

If you would like to donate yourself here is the info.

Text: STORM to 80888 for The Salvation Army USA.

REDCROSS to 90999 for Redcross.

FOOD to 32333 for Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

Each text is for $10 charged to your phone bill.

And as always PRAYERS are equally as important!

In addition to this great gift from Sarah, the wonderful ladies at Beauty, Brains and Books have pledged to help Moore Oklahoma as well. Take some time to check out these ladies at  Here is what they have to say.

“By now, I am sure most of you are aware and have been inundated with the news of the disastrous tornado that hit Oklahoma on May 20th.  Therefore, I will be brief and get to the point.  I (Lindsay) am from Oklahoma, about 30 miles north of where the tornado hit.  My loved ones are all okay and I count my blessings.  However, my people hurt and so, I hurt.

Sarah Dosher, author of Haven from the Storm, is also a Oklahoman.  She is donating 100% of her profits off of her book for the entire month of May to relief efforts.  I saw this selfless offer last night and knew immediately that I wanted to help.

**** Beauty, Brains and Books will be matching Sarah’s donation up to $300. ****

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Sarah is not the only author that is using her talent with words to help the survivors of the tornado in Moore.  Shelly Crane has also stepped up to give her assistance.


This is from Shelly Crane herself: Any profits from my book sales on all sites today (May 22), I’ll be donating to the Red Cross for Moore, Oklahoma.  If you’ve been waiting to buy something of mine, do it today and it’ll be put to good use.

Check out her Facebook page and give her a like.


I am not sure I can say what I am feeling any better…………….The most important things if life aren’t things, or even schedules. How you spend those minutes is all that matters.    Reach out and help if you can, this isn’t charity, this is taking care of each other and paying it forward. May we take the things we have learned from this horrific act of nature and band together to make this a better country.  God Bless Oklahoma.