Changes are happening here…

531909_10151542790871391_1610558227_nWhen I started this blog earlier this year, I was scared to death.  I had no idea how I would be received by the authors and other readers, I didn’t know if I had anything to say that others would want to even read.  So I am sure you can understand the utter shock I am feeling when I get ready to announce this news.

This announcement would never of happen if it weren’t for you wonderful authors and supporters who taken me in and believed in me, but I am not able to keep up on the reviews any longer. Can you believe it, in a few short months I went from nothing to not being able to keep up. I started this journey wanting to be able to give the authors a quick turn around and offer services in a timely manner, but I feel like I have not been able to do that as well as I would like.  I also feel like my beta reading is suffering and promoting authors is also suffering due to trying to keep up with reviews.

So I was left with the task of making a choice to either learn to say no more often, shut down the blog or bring in some help.  I decided to bring in some help.  Kbird, yes us Kansas girls can flip the bird when we need to, is a childhood friend of mine. Never in the 30 years that we have known each other, did we ever expect to be on a journey like this together but I couldn’t be happier.  She has a passion for books that is similar to mine.  We have lunches often and our conversations are consumed with the books we are reading.  I am bringing K in as my partner for the blog, so she will be reading and writing reviews as well.  Although we have similar taste in books, she will go out into other genres that just don’t interest me so I am hoping this will give a wider range of authors more attention with our reviews.

We have talked at length about our goals for the blog, we both want to continue to focus on new and upcoming authors so that policy won’t change.  The review policy is one that she has agreed to so when you read it you will know it is what we both have committed to using. As of right now while she gets her feet wet, all requests will still come to me and then Kbird and I will split the books for review.  She is fully aware of the requirements when dealing with ARC’s so your privacy is still respected and protected.  Her contact information is currently on the blog.

Now I am going to let her tell you a bit about herself and then get her busy with books to read and review so we can get this ball rolling.  I hope each and every one of you from authors to other bloggers to readers know just how thankful I am for your support and belief in me.  When I get a request to review a book I take that as a huge honor and a wonderful opportunity to help an author.  So with that said, please welcome Kbird to my team.  Please make sure you friend her at and in case you haven’t already you can friend me at

All of our reviews will still be put on twitter, Facebook, Amazon and Goodreads for the time being and as usual, if you want a review on B&N please provide the link for us.

Hi! My friend has asked me to join her on this blog. This is all new to me, so everyone be nice…lol. I am married to a man who completes me and is my best friend. I have two adult kids who are my world. Reading has always been something that I loved doing since I was in my very early teens. I enjoy being able to lose myself in the book and characters. My favorite books to read are romance, mystery and thrillers, however I really do enjoy reading anything fiction, biographies and non-fiction. I will be looking at the book from the perspective of how it flowed, did the author keep me engaged and wanting more and was is written so that I could feel as if I was there myself watching the story unfold

9 thoughts on “Changes are happening here…”

  1. Welcome, Kbird!

  2. YAY! Congrats and best wishes to you both for a bountiful booming business 🙂

  3. Exciting! So glad to see your blog is growing 🙂

  4. Great to see you doing so well!

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