No more silence with Nathan Squiers

I have met a lot of new people while starting this blog.  Some I have come across just in passing.  Some I have read their work, yet never spoke to them.  I have talked to authors and walked away thinking they are pretty awesome, I have even had an author go out of her way to be kind to my daughter.  I feel very blessed with the group of people I have met over the last two months, but there is one author that I feel you all must get to know.  His name is  Nathan Squiers.

I remember his first sentence to me, “why peak in the window when the door is open”, that is what he attached to a friend request to me, after I just followed his page.  From there we started a conversation about his work and what his goals are with his writing.  I was so impressed with this young man I knew I needed to read some of his work.  He graciously sent me some of his writing and I have become a part of his legion.  I won’t say fan because he doesn’t like the labels society puts on people dictating who is higher in priority and stature.

I will admit, his writing isn’t for the faint of heart or those who want to keep their head in the sand, but I can promise you if you put forth the effort to seek, you will find deep meanings and positive messages in his stories.  In a society where we label people on looks and behavior, I find his approach refreshing and inspiring.  He will make you think about how you look at others, what you are willing to do for those you love and most of all he will inspire you to make your voice be heard.

I am so proud to support him and his writing.  I have read some of his stories and am currently reading one of his novels. I can’t help but be invested in the main character, I have already cried for him, been angry at how he has been treated and I find I think about him through out the day, willing my strength to him to overcome life. Nathan’s books will be ready for release soon and I want to be on top of the mountain screaming about their releases and telling you where you can purchase them.  I think you will find a piece of yourself in each of his books, a piece that society wants us to keep hidden. He is controversial, he doesn’t sugar coat things.  His work is raw and real and I just love it.

Please go check out his web page at

He also has a Facebook page at

Allow yourself the chance to get to know him, understand him and by all means read his work once it is released.  I believe in this young man and I am so excited to follow his career.  I think Nathan is going to give a voice to many people who have been taught to be silent.  What a gift he is going to give to them when they realize they can also speak about things that society insists we continue to ignore.  No more silence, that is the main message I get from his work.  Thank you Nathan.

3 thoughts on “No more silence with Nathan Squiers”

  1. Congrats Nathan! Great accurate and knowledgeable page write up . 😉

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