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Setting off on her dream of culinary school, Ande finds herself knocked senseless by her incredibly sexy Chef Instructor, Daniel, who also happens to have the brains and heart to match.With her plan to keep herself from repeating history, she attempts to deny what could possibly break her. Ande finds out she is not the only one with a torrid past when a bright light is shed on Daniel’s former years.

When ghosts from her past find her in the middle of her trek through culinary school and an impending relationship with Daniel, her life takes a disastrous turn. She must find the strength to push through school alongside a man that drives her wild with lust, all while trying to figure out her relationship with a stranger from years before.With help from her friends, and a tad bit of alcohol, Ande navigates her way through the pitfalls of falling in love, being broken hearted and making lasting friendships.

An amusing love story filled with steamy sex, heartache, and surprises at every turn.


“Wait right here while I go get the best man.” She hurried off down the hallway and disappeared into another part of the chapel. The longer I stood there by myself, the faster my heart raced at the thought of seeing Blake again. I hadn’t laid eyes on my ex in so long. I wondered if I would freak out and punch him once he was standing next to me. I smirked, thinking about him hitting the floor after I gave him a nice uppercut.

“Hey Ant, long time no see.” My smirk faded as soon as I heard his voice. My body shuddered as goosebumps assaulted my skin. I forced my eyes to look at him, secretly hoping that he was overweight and bald now.

Unfortunately, what came into my view was not a destitute version of my ex. In fact, he looked even sexier than I remembered… all six feet three inches of his lean body, towering next to me like a damn oak tree. His wavy amber hair was longer then I remember, skimming over his forehead and barely reaching the tops of his ears. His hazel eyes, much like mine, with a hint more yellow, were the clearest I had ever seen them. He was dressed in a black tuxedo and he looked incredible.

The air in my lungs left in a hurry, feeling like someone punched me in the stomach. Amusement bounced in his eyes as he walked closer to me, reaching his arm out for me to take.

 “I hate that nickname. It’s stupid.” It was all I could manage after my brain went haywire. My entire body stiffened when he grabbed my hand, linking our arms together, for our walk down the aisle.

We stood for a moment in an awkward silence as we waited for the woman to come back and lead us into the chapel.

 “You look beautiful, Ant. I’m not just saying that ‘cause I’m trying to get in your pants. You really do look hot.” He glanced down at me, his eager eyes blatantly staring at my chest. “But, if you were interested…” He smirked, trailing off.

I scowled at him, disgusted with myself for ever giving this PIG the time of day. I would have been ecstatic if I had vomited at that moment. I would have turned toward his pretty face and let it flow.

Meet the Author

TA AndersonI reside in Sunny Southern California. I recently self published my first novel, Cutting Deep. I wrote this during a quarter life crisis, and never dreamed it would ever be finished or actually published. I would say I have the worst sense of humor out of anyone I know, except my friends. I find things funny that others may find not so funny, but I cant help myself. I try to find the humor in everything in life. I’m addicted to tattoo’s and I’m not sure I know one person in my massive family that does not have a tattoo. Crazy Right?

I will leave you with this quote “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing” -Ben Franklin.

I truly believe that every person is capable of doing great things. If you told me a year ago I would be self publishing my first novel I would have slapped you and called you crazy. But that is the point. We never think we are capable until we do the unthinkable.

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