Hello readers.  Kbird and I would like to open up this blog for everyone.  As we know reviews are very important to authors.  It is the number one way for word to spread about their books.  I remember being afraid to write a review for a book and publish it on Amazon and Goodreads.  I was going to have tons of people read what I wrote, what if it wasn’t good enough?  Well I am glad authors don’t give into that same fear aren’t you?

Kbird and I would like to give each reader a chance to review a book and submit it to us so we can post it on our new page Guest Reviews.  Of course with everything there must be some policies that need to be followed.

1. All submissions of reviews for ANY book must be sent to

A. The name you would like published as reviewer.

B. Your review, in your own words. Also include the title and author with your review.

C. Your rating of the book ranging from 1, being the lowest to 5 being the highest

D.Any quotes or short excerpt that you would like to include in your review.

Your email will NOT be published in the post.  The only information that will be posted with your review is the above requested information that you submitted. A book summary and picture of book cover and purchase links along with author bio if I can find one will be included by myself or Kbird.  If we have a problem with your review, Kbird or I will email you directly to discuss the issue and hopefully correct the problem so we can post it once it has followed all requirements. We will not edit or change your review in any way.  All changes will be left to the reviewer. 

2.  We ask that there be no reviews submitted that will trash the author and/or the book.  We are a NO BULLY blog, we are here to get the word out about books that don’t gain the attention they deserve.  If your goal is to be negative about a book to the point of becoming harassing or bullying then this experience isn’t for you and your review will NOT be allowed.  Yes we ask that you give an honest review and there will be times you will have to say what you didn’t care for in a book, but don’t cross the line and submit personal attacks.

3.  Keep it clean.  I know erotica is a hot subject in the book world right now.  We have no problem with you stating that there were hot sex scenes or even that you were affected, but we would ask that any details or sexual descriptive quotes from a scene be left in the control of the author.  We also ask that you are careful in the language you use.  We want to respect the wide range of readers that we have and to be honest, there really shouldn’t be a need to use language that is offensive in reviewing a book.

4.  If an author would like to review another authors work, we would love to post that, but we want to keep the integrity of this page.  Authors are encouraged to tell their readers of this great chance to be heard and promote their favorite book, but if the author wants us to post teasers and promotions for their work they are free to contact me at the same email and I will do that for them.  All submissions for guest review MUST be submitted by the person writing the review.

5. Finally, as stated earlier, reviews are very important to an author.  If you submit a review please feel free to post your review on Goodreads, Amazon and B&N or any other site that accepts book reviews.  Life Becomes Me is NOT the only place you should post a review and we do not own or control the sharing of any guest review. Please be aware that the author of the book you are reviewing could possibly share your review on their page.  We encourage sharing by anyone when it is done to promote a book or author in a positive way.

We hope this will be a fun experience for everyone.  We hope this gives a chance for the shy readers to find a place where they can have their voice heard and we hope this will give the authors a place to see what the readers are wanting.  I hope we have a huge group of people who will give this a try.  I think it will be fun to read what others think about books.


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