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Some truths can leave you breathless…

Two years ago Ree Coleman’s life imploded, when her life was taken away from her. Now Ree is a “living dead girl”, trying to survive each day, when it’s just a struggle to breathe.

After the unexpected death of her father, Ree and her family lose everything. As they are forced to leave the rich Upper East Side, they find themselves living in the slums of Bronx. Ree must figure out ways for her family to get by, and she tries to accept her father’s death. However, his death prompts many questions, including what really happened to him.

Meanwhile she meets Logan Marquez, a boy with a dangerous reputation. Knowing that boys are dangerous, Ree tries to stay away from him, but Logan insists on trying to earn her trust and friendship.

Soon, dark and dangerous secrets are revealed, and one explosive secret will shatter both their worlds.

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Tbird’s Review

WOW, yes that is the first word that comes to mind while I try to write this review.  Rarely do I find a book that twist my emotions and my heart like this one did.  This is  a MUST read  but I must warn you and please pay close attention.


There are some excerpts in this book that I just have to share, because it is the core of the story for me and my words could never do it justice.

Life is like the wind, Ree.  It can be stormy, rough, cold, and full of rage, but also soft caring, and warm.  As long as you do not hold it, it can be everything.  But if you take your life in your hands, you can control it.”

“Scars are the threads of our memories, Ree.  You cannot forget your scars, or you’ll forget your memories.”  “But I want to forget, ” I said.  “I want to forget everything.  It hurts too much.  They leave me breathless.” 

“You’ll never forget, Ree.  All the scars, all the memories will be forever in your life.  You can’t escape or forget them.  Otherwise, you’ll forget yourself.” 

“You are not ugly,” Logan says.  “You have to let go of your pain, your anger, and your hate.  You have to free yourself from Psycho.”

This was one of the most amazing books I have ever read. For such a young author she has knocked this out of the ball park. The characters of Ree and Logan were developed so well, I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. I found myself holding my breath as I read because of the intensity to the story. There were twists and turns and kept the story going and the heart-break was heavy as I watched Ree trying to overcome her past and find the pieces to her future.

Logan was a man who had his own skeletons and baggage but he was the one who taught Ree how to trust and love again. He took the pieces of her fragmented life and helped her put it back together. This was a story of human strength and courage. Rose let us readers see the evil and ugly that this world has to offer, but she also gave us a clear example of what determination and love can overcome.

I continued to be amazed as the next piece of Ree’s life was exposed and she was confronted with another lie that she had been told growing up. Her hero was exposed as a monster who destroyed lives, her family who was supposed to love her didn’t and put her in danger, strangers who didn’t know her constructed a new family for her and offered help. Friends who had been there for life became family in more ways than one. Relationships were formed not knowing that their paths had crossed years ago and not always in best ways. Can Ree and Logan survive this once all the secrets were out?

I tried to find the one thing that touched me the most in this story, but I can’t narrow it down to just one.  There is  the example of human strength to carry on no matter what, HOPE was strong even in the darkest moments.  I admired the  journey she took to trust herself and others again, she had a dedication to those she loved, even when she found out she had been lied to.  Our scars both on the inside and outside shouldn’t be a cause of shame.  It is a badge of courage and strength that we survived.  We need to find pride in our scars, they show the world that we are strong and courageous people.  The author showed us that strangers can become family.  They can love you and care for you better than your own blood line in some cases.  It is up to us if we allow them to become our family. The only other option is to  hold on to the hope that things will change and our dreams will be granted with a dysfunctional family that we were born with.  We saw the importance  of letting go.  Moving from our past, and not accepting the blame for what others do to hurt us.  Bad people make bad choices.  Most of the time those bad choices damage good people like Ree.  There is a difference.  Victims are NOT to be blamed for choices of bad people.  This is not only what Logan had to convince Ree of, but he had to accept it himself.  But maybe the biggest fact that the author showed us was we don’t have to become like those who hurt us.  Ree was faced with the decision to become like her abuser or to be the person she was meant to be.  We all have choices in life and Logan and Ree had to make some tough ones.

I strongly recommend this book, it is powerful, intense, insightful, amazing………..I could go on but you get the idea.  I will certainly be reading more of her books.  She is an amazing author with maturity in her writing style that I am in awe of.

About the Author


 The short and not so boring bio:
Rose J. Bell is a pen name for an 18-year-old author living in a small town in Germany. In between going to school and reading too many books, instead of learning for her exams, she writes young adult urban and epic fantasy. She is the author of The Hunters and Hells Pirates series.
The long and so boring bio:
I was born on Mother´s Day.
At least that´s what my mother has told me. So I always tell her, when she is angry at me that I was a gift from heaven to her, but she just laughs about it with the meaning of that I am not a gift from heaven.
Yeah, I have a very nice mom.
My parents emigrated from Turkey to Germany and since then I live in a small town in Germany, where I also go to school. The town is really small; so small that nothing really exciting happens here. Because of that I have always been bored, until my older sister had brought me a book and I started to read.
I have become obsessed with books and have read everything that looks like a book. And then stories and characters have started to appear in my mind and didn´t leave me alone.
I have never believed that I was capable of writing a full length novels, but I wanted to give it a try. So I sat down and wrote my first novel.
I was fifteen, when I finished my first book. It was about a witch and was about 180,000 words long. At this time I had thought that my book was the best book ever, but now I know that isn´t the best book – it´s really bad, so bad that I can´t believe that I have thought it´s good.
Writing this novel has showed me my passion and my love for writing, and then it was clear to me that I wanted to be a writer.
However, I know that becoming an author isn`t easy. You have to find an agent and a publisher, but I didn´t want to give up my dream of becoming a writer.  After writing many books, I have decided to publish them without getting an agent.
My best friend and soul mate Athina always encourages to write as well as my older sister, for which I`m very grateful.
Finally, after 3 years of hard work, I have published my first book.
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