FINDING HOME by J.W. Phillips


Title: Finding Home

Author:J.W. Phillips

Publication Date: November 11, 2013

Cover By:


Julie Emison never believed in demons, ghouls, or things that go bump in the night. Trucker Castleman never believed in love. Imagine their surprise when they discovered each other.

Eighteen-year-old Julie lived in a small town in Tennessee, where the most exciting thing ever to happen was the arrival of the charismatic Trucker. Seventeen-year-old Trucker was different from anyone that had ever lived in the town before, and he wanted Julie. She affected him in ways he couldn’t comprehend. Trucker had no right to love. He didn’t even believe he could. But he did love Julie.

With Trucker, Julie found  isolation, unbearable pain, and that happily ever afters do not exist. However, she also never felt more alive. After a tragic accident, Julie faced a hard decision. Did she endure it all for the sake of love? Or was the price of sin more than she could afford to pay?

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Tbird’s (Sarah) Review

I am so excited that my 15-year-old daughter wanted to review this book. I just want to say before I include her review, as a mother it was so nice to see my daughter glued to her kindle, smiling and expressing strong emotions while reading.  We talked a lot about this book as she went through it and never was there a time she said it was boring, as a matter of fact she was more upset that she had so much homework, she couldn’t read constantly.

I did check the book out and there is nothing for a parent to be concerned about, it is totally age appropriate for any teenager that loves to read.  Now I ask that you be patient with my daughter as you read her review, she is extremely nervous to being doing this, but as she said, this book is worth overcoming the nerves.

Finding Home is a story about Julie, a girl who grew up in the church and lived in the small town called the Promise Land.  Trucker and  his family moved to Promise Land and he is hiding a huge secret from everyone. To him, he feels like his whole life is planned out. But on Julie’s birthday they bump into each other in the drugstore and she changes everything.  Trucker falls head over heels for her and now his plans are going to change or at least they will try changing it. Now I have to say I loved the story I really do but during some parts I thought she was selling the whole “moody vampire” (he isn’t a vampire I’m just using it as an expression) thing too much. But I still love it and at times I would hate Trucker and times I absolute loved him. I would want to slap Julie on the side of the head. Plus I loved her best friends Tori and Tiffany. Tori is the beauty of the group according to Julie and Tiffany is the sweetest girl in the group. Also I really hated Emile and Larry; I would love to kill them both honestly. Emile is Tucker “destined partnered” and she basically tortures Julie about it and Larry is Trucker’s dad and he has planned Trucker’s life and pretty much is trying to rule every part of Trucker’s life while he ruins Julie’s. I loved the story and the characters made me feel like they were real, although some I am so glad aren’t real. Trucker would always call Julie angel which I thought was so cute and I loved Julie’s nickname for him, monster. Overall I thought the book was fantastic and I loved the book and most of its character, Emile and Larry I’m looking at you.

The ending was really cool.  After everything that had happen I didn’t expect things to end like that.  I really am looking forward to another book about Trucker and Julie.  I would definitely recommend this book, I have already told some of my friends at school they need to read this book.


J.W. is a stay at home mom with 2 0n-the-go kids, an amazing husband and 1 lovable

dog. She lives in a small town in Tennessee, where she enjoys writing, reading, and

talking. She was told from a young age that her dreams of writing were ludicrous.

However, after a talk with her daughter she pulled out her old laptop and rediscovered

her desire to tell stories. She doesn’t consider herself an author, more a teller of tall


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