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Title – Intense Passions
Intense Series, #1

Author – Kalen Laurel
Genre – Adult Romance, Erotica with light BDSM

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Brooke Anderson, a pretty, young manager in a Chicago consulting firm, finally sheds her boring boyfriend and is ready for a relationship that will grab her by the shoulders and shake her into consciousness. She could easily fall for Jack, an intense and handsome senior partner at her company. His passion for food, wine, and music is infectious, and his delightfully kinky sexuality threatens to rock Brooke’s world. But Marshall, a powerful but older CEO-type she meets also has an eye for her, and his dark sexuality draws Brooke closer with every turn. But is the man just too dangerous?

These two alpha males ultimately find themselves face-to-face in a testosterone-driven clash, but not before Brooke gets a taste of the mind-blowing emotion, off-the-charts sensation and unparalleled sexuality an intense relationship can bring.

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Kbirds’s Review

Brooke Anderson’s live-in boyfriend is as nice as they come. He’s polite, he opens car doors for her, and he even brings her coffee every morning. Unfortunately, both the brew and the man are weak, uninspiring and boring. What she’s really looking for is a brew that reaches out, grabs her by the shoulders and shakes her into consciousness—and a man who matches this potency.Marshall, the powerful but older CEO-type she meets in her building’s workout room, excites her, but Brooke can only push the snooze on her biological alarm clock for a limited time or her dreams of a family will be dashed. And there’s Jack, the intense and handsome senior partner at her company whose passion for food, wine, and music is infectious, and whose delightfully kinky sexuality promises to rock Brooke’s world. But he’s married. And he could easily become her boss.

Jack Walsh has obsessed over the pretty young manager in his Chicago consulting firm’s logistics department since the day she transferred from the Denver office, and when they collaborate on a high-profile project, her proximity awakens a passion for life and living that he hasn’t felt in years. He’s prepared to shed a wife and joust a boyfriend to win her attention, though she could be too young for him and too innocent for his proclivities.

But passion isn’t fueled by angst or discovered through logic. It is a product of the separate fantasies, foibles and feelings of human beings that, when combined, generate mind-blowing emotion, off-the-charts sensations and unparalleled sexuality. Book one of the Intense series reveals the life events that have made Brooke and Jack who they are and what they need. Now we get to watch as they discover themselves and explore each other in the pursuit of Intense Passions.

I loved this book. Kalen Laurel did a fantastic job making me feel for the main characters and experience their desires. I particularly enjoyed that she gave me, the reader, insight into their pasts and why they have the passions they do. She drew me in and made me want to know more about Brooke and Jack. Especially when the two of them are trying to navigate their way through their work relationship and eventually come to terms with their attraction to each other. Very detailed erotic read….highly recommend this book and I can’t wait until the next one comes out.
Brooke is living a boring ordinary life with her boyfriend, Karl. Karl is a nice guy but set in his ways and his routines. Brooke wants and needs more. She wants to go out and experience life. She feels a strange thing between her and Marshall. Marshall is an older man who lives in her apartment building. She sees him when she goes to workout in the gym. Brooke feels him staring at her and she can’t help herself from taking longing looks at him. But she thinks to herself, he is much older and if she wants a family he probably isn’t going to want the same thing.
Jack is married and although he loves his wife, it isn’t the kind of love it should be. Yes she is beautiful and intelligent but Jack misses the passion. He wants to be with someone who has the same passions he does. Someone who he can treat like a princess and take control over in the bedroom. He believes he has found that in Brooke. The way she reacts to him and the things he days to her give him hope that she is exactly what he is missing. They grow closer when they have to work on a big project at work. But Jack is adamant that they both are single and free before taking their relationship to the next level.
Together they both are experiencing the passion of music and food. Brooke loves feeling like a princess and having Jack take care of her. Jack is enthralled with watching Brooke as she first experiences the opera and new foods. He finds himself falling in love with her, as Brooke falls in love with him. Can they make this work both in the boardroom and bedroom? Will Marshall become more than a friend? Can Brooke decide between the two of them?

About the Author
I’m Kalen Laurel, age 52, and I’m a mother, wife, mid-level manager, dog lover (and cats, too, but I’m allergic to them) and avid romance and erotica writer. Though I’ve written for years, I’ve just begun to be interested in officially sharing my stories with others.

I’m currently working on a novel about an unlikely couple who experience the ups and downs of getting to know each other’s sexual fantasies, limits, and compatibility. It’s mostly a love story with a bit of light BDSM. I hope to finish it this spring.

I decided to begin blogging in the hope I might find others willing to share their experiences, advice, and critiques with me.

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Brooke’s voice:

“What would you think if I asked you how your sex life is?”

Jack laughs. “I’d probably turn you over my knee and give you a good spanking.”


An image of me, bent over Jack’s knee—my jumper pulled up to my waist, my ass cheeks exposed and targeted by his open-faced hand—flashes in my mind. My face is now burning, and I am conscious of the fact that my jaw has dropped and I am staring at him with wide eyes, unable to utter a word.

His smile fades slightly, but he still sounds authoritative. “Perhaps I should be calling out ‘Bingo’ or ‘Jackpot’…I seem to have hit a nerve.” He shifts forward in the chair and leans closer, lifting his right hand to my face, gently lifting my chin with his fingertips while caressing my cheek with his thumb. The energy from his touch travels through my body and focuses itself in an urgent shiver between my thighs.

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