OUT OF THE BOX AWAKENING by Jennifer Theriot


Book Summary

Olivia is a good woman, a good mother, a good wife. She’s got it made. She doesn’t want anything to change.

Of course, it does…

Swept from her perfect paper-doll life in Houston, Olivia finds herself in Chicago, alone, betrayed, and far from home. Soon everything she thought she knew about herself and her life will be challenged. She has only courage, love, and her passion for music to carry her through the maelstrom—or draw her further in.

Ash is the man who has everything—everything except healing from the losses of a lifetime. His only peace lies in the sweet flow of music pouring from his guitar.

What happens when the married woman and the widower are thrown together by fate?

Out of the Box Awakening is a story of shared passion and shared joy. Jennifer Theriot has written a compelling book about what happens when two people find new life and new love for themselves and for those around them.

My review

I was approached by the author and asked to give an honest review in exchange for the book.  I was very happy to do this as I read the summary about it and thought this will be something I will enjoy.  As I made my way through the book the enjoyment only increased but during those moments while I was driving or doing daily chores, I kept going back to the characters and trying to figure out how I really felt about this book.  I have to say this is one of the very few times I am left pondering my emotions while reading a book.

The author took a subject that is rarely discussed and created a novel that is inspiring.  You have two adults in their late fifties, early sixties, who have found themselves at a new fork in the road of life.  Olivia, scared of change, uprooted her life to move with her husband of 30 years to a new city.  She left her three grown children, her house that she had invested her life in and started out on a new adventure with her husband.

Ash, widowed for a few years now, living in the home he and his wife raised their three boys in, was just going day-to-day in life.  Struggling to maintain a strained relationship with his older twin sons, encouraging his youngest to follow his dreams in music.  Ash offers Alan and Olivia a place to stay till they can find a new home of their own.

The problem arises when Alan decides he wants a new woman as well.  He tells Olivia over the phone it is time for a change and this is when the story really begins.  So by now you know Ash and Olivia get together, but what you don’t know is how they blend two families together, add a band of young male musicians, throw in a couple of beautiful young women who have no family of their own, along with a sister and brother-in-law and what do you think they have?  A huge family.  So this is where my trouble lies,,,,,,,,,how do I explain how I feel about this book

First the easy part, it is wonderful to see a book that shines a light on middle age people who have to start over.  Yes we do still have life in us, we still need love and sex and yes we still want to dance and have fun.  We aren’t ready for the retirement home at the age of 40 and I think Jennifer does a great job showing us that fact.  I have never read a book about middle age lovers starting over again.  She gives new meaning to mature sexy. Also she shows how to be a  parent to adults while having a life of your own. I guess it is true, not matter how old the children get they still need mom and dad.  Second part that amazed me is how she demonstrates how people can become family even if there isn’t a blood connection.  Their family just kept growing, from natural siblings, to step siblings to band members to “strays” that came into their life.  No one was excluded when it came to Olivia and Ash, the more the merrier was their theory.

Which leads me to my struggle to find the correct vocabulary for how I feel about this book.  The best I can do is say, I felt like I had come home and been adopted by this huge loving clan.  Jennifer wrote a book that makes you feel like you have been taken in as family by Olivia and Ash.  Amazing to me how she used words to make the reader feel accepted and as if those characters were part of our family as well.  I think the fact of how they took everyone in leaps from the pages and draws me into the sense that I was included as well.  I have read a lot of books that have grabbed me and never let go, I have lost many hours reading and absorbing books and crying over characters heart-break and deaths, but I have never felt like I had just come home and was in the safety of family and friends like I did with Out Of The Box Awakening.

It is a must read, it inspires hope, love, acceptance and most of all it proves that life doesn’t stop due to changes.  When one door closes a new one does open.  You grieve what you lost and you embrace what is to come.  I am anxious to read more of Jennifer’s books and I really encourage you to grab this one.  I hope you feel like your family grew and you came home as well.

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5 Hearts rating

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