SO MUCH IT HURTS by Melanie Dawn


Book Summary

Life is full of uncertainty, so what happens when a what-if from your past collides with your present?

Kaitlyn Thomas, a weary wife and mother, is taking a much needed getaway with her friends. All she wants to do is relax and rejuvenate on her weekend escape to the beach. Having a drink at the bar with the girls sounds like the perfect way to unwind. That is, until Kaitlyn hears a familiar voice from the stage that shakes her to her core. She grapples with her memory until Chris King, the lead singer of the band, walks up to her and eliminates the questions in her mind.

Chris King…the misunderstood bad boy who once saved her in ways that no one else could.

Kaitlyn’s friends beg to know the story behind this mystery man. Forced to revisit a painful past from which she has spent years trying to heal, Kaitlyn’s recollection of Chris awakens intense feelings that she has kept buried deep inside her heart. Has time changed him, or is he still the same person Kaitlyn fell in love with so many years ago?

Marriage vows are sacred, but temptation is a powerful thing.

Seeing Chris again has caused a war between her head and her heart. In the end, which one will win the battle? Facing a difficult decision, Kaitlyn just wants to be sure of one thing when she walks away from this weekend—no regrets.

***This book is intended for readers 17+ due to some language and mature themes.

Tbird Review

The author sure picked the perfect title for this book because I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH IT HURTS. What an emotional roller coaster this story took me on.  There are so many unique qualites to this style of writing. The time line jumps a bit in the beginning but is done so in a manner that is easy to follow and as you progress in the book it gives the story an extra punch to make you feel the characters.  The ending is like nothing I have personally read before.  Never have I been torn when deciding if this was a happily ever after or a tragic end.  I guess it depends on who your heart was invested in more.

Kaitlyn deserves a happy life after what she endured in high school.  She is a strong lady who even in those moments of weakness, has the courage to reach out to Chris for help and strength.  She is also a pro of letting go and moving on, even when a part of her heart remains behind.  She trust a man who hurts her, she believes the lies and threats he says to her, she reaches out to a real man who wants to help her and she falls in love with another man who wants to be her husband.  Sounds complicated doesn’t it, well it is.

Once the truth is out about her high school boyfriend she must pick up the pieces and live with the secrets of their relationship, while she sees Chris risk going back to juvie for defending her and keeping her safe.  A sad and tearful goodbye, feeling totally out of control over the circumstances she must pick up the pieces and move on with life. In comes Michael who can see the good in her.  Finally they marry and have a child but as life happens, the marriage becomes boring and predictable.  She decides to take a break and go to the beach with girlfriends.  There was no way to know that her high school hero Chris would be the performer at the bar.

Just needing a few more hours together since they never had closure in high school she agrees to meet him and then finds herself in a situation that she must decide if she should respect her vows or give into the need to have no regrets whens she leaves him again.  After coming home she finds herself in a situation that forces her to come clean with her husband that she saw Chris at the beach.  Now it is at this point the author could of made this a whole lot easier if Michael had just been a jerk, but no he has to surprise us with his response to the truth.

The twist and turns of this story had me going up and down constantly.  Although I wanted her to finally find happiness, I had to finally consent to the fact, I had no idea what would make her happy.  To see her battle against what her heart was saying about Chris and what it was demanding for Michael and her children, it was impossible for me to be angry at her choice.  The ending was epic, priceless and the most heart breaking scene I have ever read.  I was left feeling like I was grieving what could of been, what should of been and what I wished for her, but on the other hand I was having to accept she made a wise choice and was once again being true to herself.

I hope you can get the same messages that I recieved in this book, how one choice can change your whole world.  How love can overcome years of absence, emotional heart break and a life of complications.  That being loved by two men, although it can sound exciting, is stressful and you have to walk a very fine line to make sure there is limited damage done.  Most of all I hope you get the message to never give up, never let the depression of the situation dictate what you feel is the best solution at that moment.

I adore this book, if you only get a chance to read a few books a year, this one should be on the top of the list.  It is unique, fast paced, spans over years in the characters lives and give such a developed set of characters it is so hard to pick sides.  You love them all.  Great job Melanie Dawn for being one of the few authors who made me cry, laugh and love all at once.

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About the author

Melanie Dawn is a thinker, a dreamer, and a hopeless romantic. She’s an avid reader who recently discovered her love of writing as well. When her head isn’t in the clouds, she spends her time as a a jack of all trades to her family. Melanie resides in the hills of North Carolina with her husband, her three children, and her cat.

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