STRIPPED by C.A. Harms

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Title: Stripped

Author: C.A Harms

Release date: August, 2013

Genre: New Adult / Romance

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Book Description:

At twenty Kylie never imagined her life as it is. She finds herself alone with a baby, abandoned by her husband without any answers. When their daughter, Emma is 5 months old Brad simply doesn’t come home. Leaving Kylie with a mountain of debt she is forced to look for a job, but as a high school dropout her choices are limited.

A year later still working at a job that makes her feel dirty every night Kylie feels a connection with a stranger. A businessman that for some reason she can’t take her eyes off of. Running into him again the next day at her waitressing job, he tries to ask her out, but she knows she doesn’t belong in his perfect world.

The problem is Evan can’t seem to get the sexy stripper out of his mind. He looks at her and knows she doesn’t belong there. Something about her makes him feel alive. Kylie makes him want things that he felt he would never have. If only that stubborn woman would just let him take her out just once. He knew he could make her want the same things…he’s sure of it.

Their paths continue to cross at every turn when he is finally able to persuade her to take a chance on him. After finally agreeing to a date they both can feel the undeniable attraction, but when her past comes knocking and his trust issues leave him running, it could ruin them before they are ever really given a chance.

Can they overcome her past and his controlling parents? Can the life Evan so desperately wants survive the train wreck of their past when they continue to drive them apart?

This Book Contains Sexual Content and Language. Meant for mature Audiences.

My Review

I really enjoyed this book.  It was rather original for me, as I couldn’t really think of any other book I had read that reminded me of this story plot.  Kylie gave up her whole future as a teenager for a man.  She thought she knew what love was and she quit high school and got pregnant and married him.  She lost her parents in this decision as she felt she knew what was better for her than they did.  Later she finds herself alone with just her infant daughter.  Brad had taken off with no explanation, left no money for her and Kylie ended up having to lose everything.

The only way to keep a roof over her head and food to feed her daughter was to work at a cafe by day and become a stripper by night.  She was humiliated that her life had come to this but what was a young mother with no education suppose to do.  One night while dancing on stage the shame was so heavy she focused on a man in the front row.  She shut the world out and danced for only him.  Never assuming she would ever see him again she was shocked to learn he paid big money for a lap dance from only her.

Evan, a successful business man who works with his father has never been allowed to make his own choices in life.  His parents have picked out the woman he was to marry, the career he was to have and every decision he made had to be approved by his parents.  That was until he saw something in Kylie that made him stop and rethink the direction his life was going.  He felt for Kylie and saw past the stripper routine, he knew she didn’t belong on that stage.

They get to know each other and he falls for her little girl and of course we can’t have the ex husband stay out of things.  It begins the roller coaster ride.  Parents not willing to accept Kylie and Evan together, parents dying.  Old lovers who want what they think is theirs, past hurts that keep getting reopened at every turn.

I loved how the author kept this story based in a realistic way, events that we could actually see happening, some of which have happen to a lot of readers.  It broke my heart at times to see them suffering, made me laugh at some of the crazy things Evan did to try to get Kylie to just give him a chance.  I adored Kylie for always putting the needs of her daughter first, even when her body was screaming for Evan’s touch and for love.

The book was hard to put down, just when they would overcome one obstacle another person would decide that they should control the lives of others. In the last half of the book when the shocker moment came, I was so giddy because Karma had finally been served and the truth had been exposed. Evan’s parents made me so angry when they didn’t support their son when he told them of a fact that shattered his heart and left him feeling empty for years.  Evan and Kylie proved what true love and trust could accomplish in a world of selfishness and jealousy.  I am looking forward to reading more from this author.



About the Author


I am a mother of two, happily married and live in Illinois. I enjoy writing and have always enjoyed creating little stories in my head. Since I was very young I like creating scenes and deciding the outcomes. I have just recently decided to transfer them onto Amazon and share with others. I enjoy created stories then expressing those onto paper. I hope you enjoy my stories and I appreciate everyone’s interest. I enjoy writing romance with a little twist here and there to make it interesting. I love angst and tension within my stories. I try to keep it realistic to everyday life and our daily struggles that we all may face. Everyone loves a happy ending and in life that is not always the outcome. So why not live in a fantasy world where happy endings do happen. It is easy to wrap yourself up in a story and imagine that life. Take a ride through my imagination with my stories.

I hope you enjoy. Thank you so much.


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3 thoughts on “STRIPPED by C.A. Harms”

  1. Thanks for the review. I’m glad you enjoyed the book. I thought it was an interesting read as well.

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