THE BULLET LIST by Nikki Roman


I found this book for free at Amazon and figured I would give it a try.  Not being a stranger to bullying in school, I had to deal with it but also my son was a victim of it, I wanted to see what this book was about.  I thought I might be emotional when I finished it, but I never prepared myself to feel how I do now.

Book description from Amazon:

Knock. Knock.

Who’s there?

Miemah is going to kill.

Miemah is going to kill who?


Sophomore Bailey Sykes is the prettiest girl at her school, but looks mean nothing when she is faced with a bully and backed into a corner by both teachers, and students. Bailey finds herself desperately looking for a way out.

With no one to turn to but an abusive, alcoholic mother and a dad locked behind bars, Bailey is pushed to the edge. What will it take to save Bailey from the darkness she has spiraled into? She soon discovers that the only way to fight fire is with bullets.WARNING: This book is not a lighthearted read. It is dark. It contains violence and describes scenes of a school shooting.

Now I shall try to describe my thoughts about this book.  Honestly, at some points in the book I would have given it a three heart for the simple purpose of how can this author keep having Bailey continue to be abused by so many people and NO ONE did anything about it.  The police wasn’t called, the school appeared to have only a handful of staff members yet NO ONE saw anything.  She was able to be so beaten that she had to spend days in the hospital and yet NO ONE reported it to the staff or police.  I was getting so furious because she was telling her story to people, she was trying to let them know that she had no place that was she safe and NO ONE did anything to stop this abuse.  Needless to say I was so furious at that point I was about to throw the kindle across the room, but I love my kindle too much.

Then I found myself slowly getting it, why no one reported it.  Why she was always the victim and there were a couple of times I gasped out loud and had my family looking at me like I had inhaled a fly or something.  If you can get through the part when everyone turned their heads and wait for the pieces to all fall in place you will see why I am giving this book a four heart.  I will insert here that the only reason I am not giving it a five heart rating is I think the victim role was carried to far and I really hope all readers will finish the book to understand why it was done like this.

Now the ending.  If you hate cliff hangers you will want to wait till the whole trilogy is out because this was the mother of all cliff hangers. I finished the last page and sat there staring at it like the next page would magically appear.  I can tell you, if you are loving books that tug at every emotion you have then this is the one for you.  I really admire that she took such a topic as bullying and school shootings and gave us a glimpse into the mind of the victim of bullying.  I don’t agree with any sort of violence, I will stand against any form of bullying, but I don’t think society can risk in this day and age, to continue to hide from that fact that abuse and bullying push kids to do the unimaginable things.  Does this make the shooters bad kids?  I would have said yes two days ago, now I have to stop and re-evaluate that decision.

I will certainly be looking for the second book in this trilogy and I can hardly wait to review it.  For now you can get your copy of The Bullet List for free at Amazon by using this link:

Please take the time to read it, this is one of those times that realty and fiction could possibly become one in the same.

JBJ says

4 Hearts rating

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