THE LOVE GAME by Emma Hart


I was given this book by Emma Hart in an exchange for an honest review and to get ready to participate in the release of her second book in this series called Playing for Keeps.  After reading The Love Game, I was so anxious to read Playing for Keeps, I needed to know what was going to happen with the characters I had grown to love.  I don’t see how you can read this series and not fall in love with the crazy college kids in this book.

Object of the game, Play the Player.  For Maddie this means she is going to have to make Braden fall in love with her, sleep with him and then dump him so he will know what the trail of broken hearts he has left in his path feels like.  She thinks this should be easy since he reminds her so much of her brother who has ruined more lives than he has helped, including her best friend Abbi.  What she didn’t expect was her favorite coffee and muffin being delivered to her every day, his tender touch as he wipes her tears.  Being called Angel in a voice that melts her heart. The feel of his arms as he holds her and lets her know it will be alright when the world of her past is crashing around her. Oh this wasn’t going to be as easy as she expected.

For Braden, his mission was to melt the walls down of the “good girl” Maddie and make her fall in love with him so she will finally agree to sleep with him, then move on to his next sleep date.  He was determined that this was just going to be another hump and dump, until he saw the pain in her eyes, the smile that lit up his world.  The giggle that made him smile and laugh.  The way she melted into his arms and the way her body fit just perfect with his. He finds this strange urge to find out what is causing her this much pain and to be her protector from the evils she is running from.  No this wasn’t going to be easy for him either because first he has to learn how to date. A concept that is foreign to this playboy who doesn’t have to work at getting some blonde in his bed.

So what happens when the secrets to the game is exposed? Can the hearts that felt love heal after finding out you were just a pawn in a game?  A game that was intended to break your heart, not make your heart feel true love for the first time.  You will have to read The Love Game to find out. Along the way you will meet the roommates for each character and get to know them.  The second book takes off where this one left but is focused on two different characters that we grew to love in The Love Game.

I loved this book, it was refreshing to have a good book that had some emotional ups and downs but didn’t leave me with a cliff hanger at the end. The second book is just as good and will be released next week so make sure you pick up your copy of The Love Game now and be ready for Playing For Keeps.  You won’t be disappointed in this series.  Emma Hart did a great job at developing characters that you will fall in love with and this series promises to be exciting as we explore each of the characters that she introduced us to in The Love Game.

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Here is a teaser to Playing For Keeps, trust me you won’t want to miss it.  I have read it and it is just as awesome as her other books.  There is a reason she is a top seller, she knows how to bring us into the story.  I felt like I was back in college and exploring the world for the first time as well.


JBJ says

4 Hearts rating

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