My form of Poetry at the lake.

Since I don’t write poetry, well nothing that I am willing to show in public, I want to share another form of poetry to me.  I tend to go take pictures of nature when I need a break from reality……….these are just a few of the shots I have gotten around my home town.    I hope you enjoy how I view my little piece of the world.

254900_10150274313541391_2148818_n 249930_10150274312851391_5917407_nThe skies over our city lake one night.  253575_10150274312671391_2883424_n 247505_10150274312361391_1839798_n 250545_10150274311581391_7792426_n 254205_10150274311341391_8231123_n 249925_10150274311231391_8023815_n 260425_10150274311041391_3644465_n 252885_10150274310946391_5079525_n

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