New Release for BOUND by Brenda Rothert

senior Kate Camden has learned to adapt – to her last year of school, to the
promise of motherhood, to the fact that she’s doing it all alone. But just when
she’s learned to adjust, heartache threatens to break her apart.
hockey player Jason “Ryke” Ryker has it all: adoring fans, a promising career,
and a beautiful wife. But when his seemingly perfect life is shaken by tragedy,
he’s left questioning whether having it all is ever more than an illusion.
circumstance brings Kate and Ryke together, they discover they don’t have to
hurt alone. Bound by a grief that haunts them both, they must rely on one
another to survive heartbreak. But that grief is more powerful than they
realize, and the tie that binds them together may ultimately tear them apart.

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About The Author:
Rothert started her writing career as a print journalist. She now writes
Romances, some Contemporary and others with a twist of dystopian society and
adventure. Rothert lives in Central Illinois with her husband and three boys.

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