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Emmalynne Morgan thought that getting married to her High School sweetheart and starting a family was all she wanted in life. Everything was perfect until circumstances change and devastating blows occur.

Fast forward five years, Emmalynne thinks she is broken, not only emotionally but physically as well, so her confidence was severely lacking. Being a single mother to her son, Tucker, as well as an owner of a small town Bookstore, she does everything she can to keep men at arms-length, not thinking she is worthy anymore with her plus-sized body and scars.

Taking it upon themselves, Emmalynne’s best friends, Toby and Tessa make it their mission to bring her out of her tight-knitted comfort zone. That is when she locks eyes on the male perfection that is Grady.

Grady Finnegan was the gorgeous new guy in town. Recently injured and discharged from the Army, Grady comes to his Uncle’s aid in helping manage the family bar. Not being anywhere near innocent when it comes to women, Grady meets Emmalynne and he knows one thing, that he wants her.

Sparks fly and passion ignites, but will that be enough? Not ready to lay her heart on the line, Emmalynne guards it as best she can and ultimately fails. When chaos erupts and Grady’s past comes back to haunt him, it leaves Emmalynne’s already broken heart, shattered.

Will past circumstances prevent Emmalynne from having the future she deserves? Or can Grady help her follow her heart and show her that she is Not Alone

Tbird’s Review

How do you move forward in life when the one person you promised yourself to had degraded you to the point you believe his lies?  Once you have the freedom you have longed for from this abuse, what step do you take in regaining your life?  These are the questions that Emmalynne had to answer.  Finding herself along with her young son, she began to create something with this new freedom she had.  Creating a business in a small town that adored her, she made a place for herself.  Deciding that her looks and disability was going dictate her being alone in life, she did what she could to fill the void by living for her son, book store, friends and father.

Grady gave many years of his life to serve his country, an injury forced him to set out for a new life outside of the military.  Getting a Dear John letter from his girl reinforced to him that he was broken and it was time to restructure a life for himself that he could find happiness alone.  Sure he could get one night stands, but he didn’t see the storm coming that was about to change everything he knew……….that storm was Emmalynne.

She was everything a man could want and more, she just didn’t see that in herself.  Grady was going to have to make her see the glasses, extra weight and the physical scars from her past only added to her beauty.  Of course we have a few speed bumps in this process, such as a crazy criminal, men who see her beauty as well as Grady does, an ex-girlfriend who can’t accept no and a protective group of friends who would rather defend Emmalynnes honor than hear the truth, but Grady stood firm and was patient.

I loved this book.  There is something about it that just gave me a different feel than other books like this one. While the plot is like a lot of other books, broken people find each other, struggle to allow love in.  Angst and drama to keep them apart, where at the end they overcome the burdens and give love a try, this one felt uniquely different.  I think it was the character development.  While the world around them was full of drama and questions, both Emmalynne and Grady stayed true to their beliefs.  Now not all of their beliefs were valid and true, they didn’t waiver from them right away.  You don’t find the normal begging and pleading to be heard in this story.  Yes he asked for her to hear him out, she refused, but instead of making a scene, he trusted in what he felt for her and what he hoped she felt for him and he went on with his life.  While she was crushed at one point in this book, she didn’t seek revenge, she accepted her loss and moved on with her life.  I think that is what made this different from other romances.

I highly recommend this book to you readers.  The plot was interesting, the writing style was wonderful, more importantly, the character development was brilliant.  No matter what your taste or personality, there is a character in this book for you.  While it did have some intense moments, it wasn’t dark and twisted as other books, but I found I enjoyed that and it made for an easy read.  I did have a hard time putting the book down because I just needed to see how long love would wait for these two.  When you, as the reader know they need to be together, it is so hard to give up on them and put the story down.

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Emmalynne turned around, fiddling with the bottom edge of her shirt. She looked up at me with her bottom lip tucked between her teeth, her eyes wary. She was nervous again, but seeing her nibble on her lip made me want to take her, here and now. “Thank you for bringing me home, Grady. And for coming to my rescue, I appreciate it.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll see you tomorrow, yeah?” I had to get out of there and fast.

“Oh yeah, right, for our date.” She stepped towards me and closed her eyes, her tongue darting out to lick her lips then puckering them. She wanted to kiss me. That made my pants grow even tighter and I wanted nothing more than to explore every inch of that amazing mouth. Those lips were all pouty and sexy, but she wasn’t totally coherent. And as much as I wanted to, and Lord did I want to, I wasn’t going to take advantage of her like that. So I leaned into her and kissed her forehead, the smell of her shampoo hitting me like a brick, Vanilla and Mint. I exhaled as I took a step back and, she immediately opened her eyes, her expression pained.

Meet Amber:

Author Photo

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I am a wife, mother of two beautiful girlies, an avid reader, and a new Romance and New Adult author.

I was born and raised in Southern Indiana, but resided in Texas for five years while my husband was in the US Army. It was definitely a journey, but I am so glad to be back in my home state.

Whenever I’m not doing my motherly duties or at the soccer field I absolutely love to read whenever I have a moment to spare. My kindle is never far from my side.

My love of reading increased about a year ago and due to my love of books I decided to try my hand at writing. Already having a set of characters screaming to get out, my story took over and came to life.


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