TO KNOW HER by Renee Burke


This book is currently free on Amazon and reviews were requested by the author.

Book Summary:  Sara Hudson doesn’t remember her own name – or anything else about her life. When Derek Clayton rescues her from a deserted highway, Sara finds she can’t say no to the sexy stranger. Lost from all she knows, Sara becomes the submissive to Derek’s dominance. Although she doesn’t understand why she yields to his demands, she can’t deny the blazing passion for the man who seems to know exactly how to satisfy her needs.

The only thing Derek Clayton has more of than secrets is money. He offers Sara help with one goal in mind – to keep her in the dark until he can work out the events that left her stranded without a memory. Can they give up the constraints of the past to find their happy ending or will his secrets and past love threaten their future?

This 17,000 word novella is intended for mature audiences. It contains a submissive amnesic seduced by a sexy stranger whose smooth talking skills and sweet kisses leave them burning up the sheets with smoking hot sex.

My personal review:  There are some books that are all sex, little to no plot.  Then you find books with a great plot and a little sex.  This book started out pretty much all sex and very little plot, but as the story went on, we were treated to a twisted story of lost memory, lies and true love.   It was a very quick and enjoyable read.  If the story had been longer I think we would have seen a much more developed plot and characters.  With that in mind, I did enjoy this book and would recommend it to others.  The only warning is don’t read this in public because it is HOT and SEXY with a nice story to go with it.

The writing was wonderful, it was consistent and didn’t have any moments of where the reader had to back track to try to understand the scene.  I give this story 3 hearts, not because it was bad, but because it made me sad to see two characters that would have been a huge hit had the story given them a chance to let us know them more.  The plot idea was unique and my wish was to see more of that plot played out.

You can purchase this book, remember it is free right now, at Amazon



Renee Burke loves romance! The sexy heroes, feisty heroines, and happily ever afters are the best! Novella To Know Her and erotic short Coming of Age are available now. When Renee’s not writing, she serves as a writing teacher. She shares her home life with three special guys including one of the loving husband species, a teen in training, and a man child who thinks he’s in charge.
JBJ says
3 Hearts rating

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