SPARE HEARTS by Dorothy F Shaw and T.D Hoffman


Book Summary

“Lace up those bowling shoes! Candy and Sterling are the perfect couple, and fans of sweet, sexy love stories will be chuckling and sighing all the way through. Spare Hearts is so much fun you’ll want to read it twice.” — Megan Hart, NYT Bestselling author of The Space Between Us


Stuck in this dead-beat town for too long, Candy Jameson is itching for some action. And the magnetically sexy, Sterling Dey might just be her chance to get back in the game . . . at least for a night. Soon the sparks flying between Candy and Sterling ignite into a fiery encounter that scorches the lanes. But when Sterling wants more than just one night with Candy, she’s not sure she’s ready to bet her heart on a one-night stand.

Former professional bowling champion Sterling Dey wants to reclaim his title. This sleepy alley in a small Texas town with no distractions is the perfect place to practice-until Sterling lays his eyes-and more-on the joint’s sultry night manager.

As attraction becomes more than desire and the pins start stacking up against them, Candy and Sterling’s future may just come down to the roll of the ball.

My review

I LOVED this book.  I love my cowboys and this book gave me one that had me melting from his first words.  Candy was just so adorable and funny.  OMG she had me laughing out loud more times than I can count.  I am a country girl at heart and from the first chapter I was hooked with the Southern drawls, the one liners and the simple basics of love, lust and following your heart.

I have never read a romance centered around bowling before, but trust me this book made strikes, spares and bowling lanes sexy.  I even told my husband we might need to go bowling soon.  The best part for me was towards the end of the book, goals had been met, love had been found and I was reading along singing Love Lift Me up from the movie Officer and A Gentleman (ok I admit it, that is one of my favorite movies) when all of a sudden the movie was mentioned in the book.  So I guess if we were supposed to get the same feeling of AWWWWWWWWW from this book as we did in the movie, I would say goal reached.

There are a lot of things I love about this book, to many too really mention.  The number one thing is the maturity of the characters.  Sure there was hopes, and heart break and past hurts that over shadowed their present day life, but it was all handled by mature adults.  I didn’t have to engage in any diva drama.  Sterling handled himself as a mature man who knew what he wanted but kept his pride and priorities in line.  He knew how to treat a woman and he didn’t have to tear anyone down to prove he was a good man. Candy knew her insecurities and fears and decided to face them.  There was no screaming matches, no running away in hopes the other would hunt them down and pledge their love forever.  No demand for attention.  They were two real people whose paths crossed one day, feelings began to stir and they took the bull by the horns and gave love a chance.  I so respect that from a book.

The way it was written by the authors I could sit back, enjoy their journey and yes even the hot scenes, (you have a sexy cowboy in tight jeans, of course there is going to be hot sex scenes) and was pleasantly surprised over and over again at how this isn’t just another romance book.  This one is unique and special. When I was finished with the book I was sad and happy.  Sad this ride was over, but so happy that I was able to get to know Sterling and Candy and care about what happened to them.   I am so happy I was able to read and review Spare Hearts and in the process I have been able to become friends with Dorothy Shaw.  I am certainly going to join the band wagon of bugging her till we get more books from this woman.

About the Author


The stirrings of the potential author within Dorothy F. Shaw became evident when she first blogged a detailed account of how she met and married her husband. Shortly after she stumbled, quite accidentally, into writing poetry. Poetry begat short stories. Short stories gave way to her novels.

Evident from the very beginning was her voice as an author that is welcoming, real and charming, packed with wit and sarcasm. Although she’s a sucker for a heart wrenching romance with no happy ending, she does give her readers the happy ending they desire. But her stories will always include slightly broken people forming relationships full of heartbreak, pain and angst along the way, as well as plenty of sharp humor and sex appeal. As she sees it, the journey is the best part.

When Dorothy’s not writing, she’s a wife, mother, friend to many and a corporate VP. When asked about her tattoos she’ll tell you she has only one. She loves Sunday dinners with her family and friends in her home, prefers riding her motorcycle beside her husband all around Arizona and spending weekends in their camping trailer, aka The Rolling Condo. She truly lives and loves in Technicolor!

Dorothy welcomes emails at:


T.D. Hoffman is a man of many talents. Not only is he an award winning tattoo artist, known in the tattoo community as Wookie, he’s also a biker as well as a dedicated father of four who was never afraid of dirty diapers or putting pigtails in his daughter’s hair. He rides his Harley Davidson in his cool and sexy Wookie style way that most could never begin to match.

Unafraid to try new things, T.D. simply decided he wanted to write a novel and so it began from there. He experiences life to its fullest and loves to express it through his family, art and stories. Drawing inspiration from his favorite authors such as J.R. Ward, Kresley Cole and Lora Leigh, he’s currently working on his Urban Fantasy novel series.

When he’s done slinging ink for the day, designing promo items and logo’s for authors, doing dishes or laundry and chasing kids around, he spends his time on his back patio, enjoying the Arizona evenings with his wife, writing.

T.D. welcomes emails to

You can also find him on his FB fan page and Twitter @WookieStyle – See more at:


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