Promo for NEVER FORGOTTEN by C.A. Harms


 The mother that left her resurfaces after over 6 years of no contact. What she brings with her will change Payton’s life forever. Payton continues to struggle at every turn and just when she thinks things are going to get better she is hit with yet another obstacle. Her relationship with Dylan, forgiving her mother and accepting the surprise she brings. Will it all be to much…what will survive it all and what will she lose in the end? Sacrifices must be made, but will love survive?This book contains some sexual content and language meant for mature audiences.
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“Payton if you would let me explain everything. Maybe we could…”

Dylan reached out for my hand, locking his fingers with mine. “Maybe, what? Maybe I could forgive you for leaving me? You walked away from your violent marriage, I understand that. With who he is, I completely understand that, but you left me too. Do you have any idea what I went through every day? I was punched in the back of head because I put his work shirts in the dryer. He beat my back when I was twelve, because I started my period. I had to use my lunch money to buy my first bra because he refused to get me one. I was forced to lie to everyone when I was fourteen; he broke my leg because I forgot to get milk at the grocery store. He pushed me down and repeatedly kicked me in the ribs because I didn’t know how much sugar he wanted in his coffee. I could sit here going on and on about all the times I was punished and beaten.”


Dylan handed me a small box from him. I took it, looking up into his eyes; he looked back at me nervously. Everyone seemed to be watching in anticipation. I slowly undid the bow, stealing the occasional glance at everyone staring at me from around the room. When I lifted the lid I was a little confused and then it hit me exactly what the contents met. There on top was a Transformers bandage and under it was a heart locket. I opened it and on the inside the engraved words gripped my heart with such force. All Better Beautiful, Love Dylan

I turned to him and hugged him as I cried into his shoulder. “You remembered.”

He whispered into my ear, “Of course I remembered. That was the day I captured the heart of a very beautiful girl, and now she’s captured mine.” I felt such love for him at that moment, I knew that I would never be capable of loving any man the way I loved him.

No matter where my life took me, I knew I wanted to have Dylan by my side through it all. “You even remembered it was a Transformers bandage. I didn’t remember that until I saw it.” He kissed me slowly and sweetly.

Until we heard Carter say, “Hello Dude, we’re still here.” We had forgotten that we weren’t alone.

About the Author

I enjoy writing and have always enjoyed creating little stories in my head. Since I was very young I like creating scenes and deciding the outcomes. I have just recently decided to transfer them onto Amazon and share with others. I enjoy created stories then expressing those onto paper. I hope you enjoy my stories and I appreciate everyones interest. I enjoy writing romance with a little twist here and there to make it interesting. I love angst and tension within my stories. I try to keep it realistic to everyday life and our daily struggles that we all may face. Everyone loves a happy ending and in life that is not always the outcome. So why not live in a fantasy world where happy endings do happen. It is easy to wrap yourself up in a story and imagine that life. Take a ride through my imagination with my stories. I hope you enjoy. Thank you so much.

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