SAVE MY SOUL Book 1 by K.S. Haigwood


I was given this book yesterday by the author, all she asked is that I read it and give it an honest review.  I have to say I am the lucky one in this deal. I can honestly say I have never read a book like this.

Page one is Kendra dying during surgery from a fall.  Adam, her surgeon isn’t so willing to let her die because he has never lost a patient before.  Yes page one, intense, heart racing action as they fight to save Kendra.  It gets better though, Kendra is saved because of a deal she makes with Adams guardian angel.  She must make Adam believe in God and love or his soul will be lost forever.  Did I mention she only has a week to do this?

She races the clock trying to solve the puzzle of why he lost his belief in God all those years ago.  How can she make a stranger fall in love with her?  She didn’t think the truth would work because he would just believe she is crazy. Kendra finally realizes this deal she made not only would sacrifice Adam’s soul if she didn’t succeed, but it would mean she loses her life and soul as well.  She had been tricked by Adam’s guardian angel.  She learns a valuable lesson on this journey that you can’t always trust what you see.  Learning to trust what is inside of her was the only thing that was going to save her.  Could she make Adam change his mind before the clock ran out?

Right at the time in her life when she didn’t need distractions, she had men coming to her claiming their love.  One of those men wasn’t really in love with her, he was there to distract her from her mission.  Kendra kept asking how she was suppose to navigate around people professing their undying love, when she knew she only had a week to get the one man who was constantly angry at her to give his heart to her. She knew he was her soul mate, how do you convince a man who lost everyone in his life to believe that?

It was intense in the end, answers  to questions that kept me reading till late in the night.  Yes, K.S. brought out emotions in me that rarely come out because of a book.  To say this was a religious book, would be incorrect.  I can’t say it was a book of fantasy either.  The lines are so blurred in this story, I really don’t know what label it should have.  It  has good versus evil, belief in God versus non-belief.  It shows the power of prayer and love and the void in life without it. The most powerful part for me was when you realized, once you give your soul to God and the good guardian angel, you don’t need to fear the demons in life.  You are protected.  Yet, it is fantasy.  We don’t see our guardian angels in real life, we don’t heal completely over night.  This story takes you into a  vortex of sorts and you don’t get out till you finish the last page.

This book will be with me for a very long time, I am still in awe of how thought-provoking this work of fiction is. The best part, this is just book one in a series. I am so impressed with this author and her work I am going to be following her career for a very long time.

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Ever find it hard to talk about yourself? Yeah, I have that problem, too. I have been married to my soul mate for almost 8 years, who wouldn’t pick up a book unless promised that it was filled with pictures. I have a beautiful 6-year-old daughter, Riley, that talks too much and has a very vivid imagination. I have no clue where she got those traits. My step-son, Hayden, is 15 and very into football and hunting. I am a CNC Machinist by day, and a writer of romance with a paranormal twist, by night and weekend. If you enjoy a great love story with a massive amount of drama about angels, demons, ghosts, vampires, witches and fairy tale creatures brought to life through a twisted mind, then you might just enjoy reading my work. Save My Soul is only one of six novels I have created so far, and it happens to be the first one that I self-published.

2 thoughts on “SAVE MY SOUL Book 1 by K.S. Haigwood”

  1. Wow!! Sounds good!! Added to my long to-read list!!

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