FROM WHERE I STAND by Robert Zimmermann


Book Summary

From Robert Zimmermann comes From Where I Stand, an emotional debut poetry collection. Zimmermann explores strained parental relationships, loss of life, and the despair associated with grief. Alongside these darker themes, he delves into the small areas of life that often go unnoticed but become the hope we are searching for.From Where I Stand is the winner of the Blogger Book Fair Reader’s Choice Award, in the poetry category (Winter 2013)

My Review

I will admit that I am not very educated in the skill of writing/reading poetry.  My husband loves poetry so he has exposed me to some of the greats.  I just recently met Robert Zimmermann and he asked me to read his book.  I still won’t claim to understand most poetry, but I can honestly say that his work affected me and my emotions.

This book contains poems that led me on a journey of life struggles and the courage to become comfortable in my own skin.  Usually poems are worded in a way that I just can not connect to, but with Mr. Zimmermann’s writing, I found that I was absorbed into his words, I was finding connections to my own life.  I was feeling that I wasn’t alone in some of the struggles life has provided for me.  I also found comfort in the fact that he gave me words for emotions and events that often left me speechless.

You won’t be surrounded by glitter, unicorns and rainbows in this book, but you will come away with hope, peace and the confidence that the answers and strength can come from within.  The goal is to be who you were meant to be and to find peace in that fact alone.

I really hope everyone will give themselves the gift of buying this book and taking some time to read it.  As I have stated you don’t have to be a lover of poetry to understand his work and find connections to your own world.  Well done Mr. Zimmermann, thank you for bringing your book to my attention and for allowing me the chance to review it.  This was truly out of my comfort zone, but I walked away feeling very blessed for the experience.

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About the author

Robert has been writing poetry since the eleventh grade. His writing started as impulsive rambling, but soon became a passion. A few years later, he attended SUNY Potsdam where he received a B.A. in Creative Writing.

His main focus is poetry, but he’s also known for dabbling in short fiction, and at times erotica. Robert has also created the blog A Life Among The Pages, where he posts about his writing, love of books, and reviews books.

When he’s not reading or writing, Robert enjoys spending time with his dog, Deuc. Deuc ran out of the woods in August 2011 and they have been inseparable ever since.

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